Abel Azcona | Performance art

video pulsante per articolo

Abel Azcona (Madrid, 1 April 1988) is a Spanish artist specialized in artistic actions. His work, with a marked autobiographical aspect, is manifested in the artistic media that arise from performance and evolve into Installation, sculptures, video art, painting or writing, with literary works, essays to literary or commemorative texts. He is known as the enfant terrible of contemporary Spanish art. His first works concerned personal identity, violence and the limits of pain, evolving into works of a critical, political and social nature. His work has been exhibited in exhibitions and galleries around the world, obtaining international screenings at the Biennale d ‘ Dhaka and Taipei Asian Art, at the Lyon Biennale, at the Miami International Performance Festival or at the Bienal of Living Art of Bangladesh. Furthermore, Azcona is present in various national and international museums and cultural centers such as the Arsenale of Venice, the Center of Contemporary Art of Málaga, the Museum of Modern Art of Bogotá, the Art League Houston, the Leslie Lohman Museum of New York or the Circle of Fine Arts in Madrid. The Bogotá Museum of Contemporary Art dedicates a retrospective exhibition to the artist Abel Azcona in 2014. (wikipedia.org)

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