Anne Imhof | Performance art

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Anne Imhof (born 1978 in Giessen, Germany) is a German visual artist, choreographer, and performance artist who lives and works between Frankfurt and Paris. She is best known for her endurance art, although she cites painting as central to her practice. In 2017 Anne Imhof represented Germany at the Venice Biennale, transforming the pavilion with her performance piece, ‘Faust’. The performers arranged themselves throughout the pavilion, above and below the installed glass floors. Sometimes crawling under the floors, other times engaging in activities which range from looking sulky and checking their mobile phones, to masturbation and lighting small fires. Imhof was rewarded the prestigious Golden Lion award for “Best National Participation”, in a much written about effort. This award is given to only one of the 85 exhibitions mounted in pavilions in the Giardini della Biennale and across Venice. (

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