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Aoki Takamasa is a Japanese electronic musician and producer. Aoki Takamasa was born in Osaka in 1976. He began experimenting as a musician in 1993 when he was 17, when he recorded music on a four-track cassette recorder, mixing acoustic guitar, bass and drums together. He continued to experiment with electronic music, and in 2001 he released his first album Silicom through the independent Japanese label Progressive Form. In 2004 he relocated from Osaka to France, to work with singer Tujiko Noriko to create the album 28 while there. Aoki originally began collaborating with Tujiko in 2002, when the pair collaborated musically by sending CDs in the mail between Osaka and Paris, where Tujiko was based, and decided to move there to further the project. Aoki based himself in Paris for four years, later moving to Berlin for three. In 2011, he returned to Japan, and based his musical career in Osaka again. (

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