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video pulsante per articolo

Eva Koch (born 17 June 1953) is a Danish sculptor who has gained fame with her video installations… From the 1980s, she experimented by sculpting blocks made of various composite materials as well as works in lead and phosphorus. In 1988, she began creating installations, sometimes with claustrophobic effects as at her exhibition in Sophienholm in 1989 when a cylinder cased in rubber was considered to be close to blowing up the room. In 1991, she created her Video Sculpture in Barcelona while her more recent works include installations expressing structures and frameworks. In 2003, she presented her Villar video exhibit at the Venice Biennale which told the story of a child from Spain adopted by a Norwegian family with images up to two metres (six feet) high. Through her videos, Koch presents ordinary people who create a close relationship with the viewer. (wikipedia.org)

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