Fabrizio Plessi | Video art

video pulsante per articolo

Fabrizio Plessi, Reggio Emilia, Italy, 1940. Lives and works in Venezia and Maiorca. He completed his studies at the Artistic Lyceum and at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice where he was eventually assigned the Chair  of the Department of Painting. Since 1968, Plessi has been fascinated by water, a recurring theme which has become the focus of his artwork in the form of installations, films, videotapes and performances. In 1970 his work was exhibited at the experimental Pavilion of the Biennial of Venice and again in 1972. From this moment on, he holds exhibitions in various European galleries and museums, amongst which the Städtische Galerie of Munich, the International Cultural Center of Antwerp and the Palais des Beaux Arts of Brussels. During the 1980’s Plessi begins to experiment with video, focusing on the illusions created between representation and reality of liquid elements which are amplified by the extreme technology of mechanical and electronic reproduction… (wikipedia.org)

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