Jeff Wall feat Lipps Inc. (Funkytown) | Dada Remix


Immagine: In front of a nightclub (Jeff Wall, 2006)

Traccia remixata: Funkytown (Lipps Inc., 1979)

Jeffrey Wall, OC, RSA (born September 29, 1946) is a canadian artist best known for his large-scale back-lit cibachrome photographs and art history writing. Wall has been a key figure in Vancouver’s art scene since the early-1970s. Early in his career, he helped define the Vancouver School and he has published essays on the work of his colleagues and fellow Vancouverites Rodney Graham, Ken Lum, and Ian Wallace. His photographic tableaux often take Vancouver’s mixture of natural beauty, urban decay, and postmodern and industrial featurelessness as their backdrop. Influence Wall’s large-scale images and studied compositions are regarded as influential on the Düsseldorf group led by Andreas Gursky, Thomas Struth, Thomas Ruff, and Candida Höfer. (Gursky has cited Wall as “a great model for me.”)

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