Jiří Kylián | Contemporary dance

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Jiří Kylián (born 21 March 1947) is a Czech former dancer and contemporary dance choreographer. Jiří Kylián was born in 1947 in Prague – Czechoslovakia, to his father Václav who was a banker and to his mother Markéta, who was as a young teenager a dancer-child protégée. Initially inspired by the acrobatic performances of the Circus Busch, Kylián decided to pursue professional ballet training at the School of the National Ballet Prague at the age of 9, after having seen a ballet performance for the first time. Kylián was admitted to the Prague conservatory in 1962. Here he encountered one of his mentors, teacher and former dancer Zora Šemberová, “who left a deep mark in Jiří’s professional development”. At the conservatory Kylián made his first steps as a choreographer with Nine Eighth’s, choreographed to jazz music, and Quartet, to music by Béla Bartók. In 1967 Kylián received a scholarship to study at the Royal Ballet School in London. Among other artists, Kylián met choreographer John Cranko, who offered him to join the Stuttgart Ballet… (wikipedia.org)

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