Jon Moritsugu | Experimental film

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Jon Moritsugu (born February 15, 1965) is an American underground filmmaker. His movies are satiric, protopunk deconstructions of popular genres and formats with scabrous and pointedly garish results. The New York Times describes them as “funny, anarchic, provocative and exhilarating”. Influenced by the nihilism of Jean-Luc Godard and Guy Debord, Moritsugu’s films are often defined by their “lo-fi” aesthetic and were initially shot on 16mm film for a gritty, visceral quality. He states that he often “pay(s) less attention to narrative flow and storyline and put(s) more emphasis on sight, sound and spectacle” to create a movie that is “like a live punk/hardcore show.” The works themselves are often absurdist comedies that feature actress, co-writer, stylist, and wife, Amy Davis. (

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