Lois Cohen + Kalinka (autori vari) + cimelio | Dada Remix


Immagine: Liane (Lois Cohen, 2016)

Traccia remixata: Kalinka (various authors, 2015)

Lois Cohen still lives in her birth town of Amsterdam, where, after a youth spent “obsessively drawing”, during her teen years, she found photography and “my whole life turned into obsessively taking pictures”. In the decade since, Lois’ work has transitioned from “super theatrical studio shots” to shooting portraits primarily on location. These days, Lois considers her work “a little less controlled, but the essence and amount of colors in my work stayed the same.”

“I like to combine elements that contradict each other, but at the same time tell a story by doing so,” she explains. “I always tend to make everything a little absurd, but still try to give the person I photograph lots of power and grace, no matter how weird or banal of a situation I put them in.”

(itsnicethat.com source)

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