Marta Minujin | Video art

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Marta Minujín (born 1943) is an Argentine conceptual and performance artist. Marta Minujín was born in the San Telmo neighborhood of Buenos Aires. She met a young economist, Juan Carlos Gómez Sabaini, and married him in secret in 1959; the couple had two children. As a student in the National University Art Institute, she first exhibited her work in a 1959 show at the Teatro Agón. A scholarship from the National Arts Foundation allowed her to travel to Paris as one of the young Argentine artists featured in Pablo Curatella Manes and Thirty Argentines of the New Generation, a 1960 exhibit organized by the prominent sculptor and Paris Biennale judge. While in Paris, Minujín was inspired by the experimental work of the Nouveaux Realistes, and especially their transformation of art into life… (

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