Ryan Trecartin | Experimental film

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Ryan Trecartin (born 1981) is an American artist and filmmaker currently based in Athens, Ohio. He studied at the Rhode Island School of Design, graduating with a BFA in 2004. Trecartin has since lived and worked in New Orleans, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and Miami. His creative partner and long-term collaborator is Lizzie Fitch, an artist that he has been working with since 2000… One of the important aspects of Trecartin’s work is his emphasis on collaboration as an integral element of creative process. Lizzie Fitch explains that since their early days at Rhode Island School of Design the two of them were always looking for ways to transcend the boundaries of mediums through collaboration. For example, they would try to see how they could create sculptures that worked as other things than sculptures, or “a movie conceived as a movie and as something to be shared socially as a container to hold other artworks.” Fitch also remarks that “one of the most striking things about Ryan is how naturally he opens up his rigorous, focused vision to working with others.” (wikipedia.org)

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